Clarksdale City Of The Mississippi Delta Council Approved Resolution

by Wills Joe
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One does not see coming that the day will come in his life as a journalist when he ends up talking seriously to a source about the off the record around the place where the devil himself bought the soul of a musician in the 1930s.

However, such a conversation begins to sound reasonable after a few hours in Clarksdale city of the Mississippi delta where the city council itself approved a resolution that gave a letter of nature to the evil one and the transaction.

What’s more, last year, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Delta Blues Museum, the State House passed a resolution where, black on white declare intersection of Highway 61 and Highway 49 in Clarksdale place where blues legend Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to play an infamous guitar.

Bill Luckett made the disclosure on the exact location of the Johnson case, is something very much like the “man who does it all” from Clarksdale.

Former mayor, lawyer, businessman and co-owner with Morgan Freeman of the Ground Zero club, as well as an actor, he is one of the people most involved in the tourist pull of the city as the cradle of blues, for making it the holy place where every year, at less until the pandemic, fans from all over the world made pilgrimages.

Sam Cooke , Muddy Waters, Elmore Jones, Jimmy Reed, WC Handy they all created their first bars in the Delta poorest area of ​​the poorest state in the entire country to end up emigrating north.

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