15 Hectares To Expertise In Main Work Of Roman Art

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he building given its importance grew around a town of about 15 hectares what experts call vicus was built in form work concrete in fact the wooden marks of the drawers where the mortar was poured are still visible on the walls that remain.

Its height is still unknown, but walls of up to 3.5 meters almost 40 in length remain standing Seen from the air it resembles an almost square castle or fortress.

This type of profile is known in the Roman world in the forts that defended the borders of the Empire, both to the North along the Danube River as well as in North Africa and the Middle East, but not in the Iberian Peninsula, the report explains.

The investigations initially focused on the east wing, where three rows of pillars were found made up of sandstone ashlars, some 6.5 meters high, which followed a checkered and symmetrical pattern.

Its weight is estimated to exceed half a million kilograms. “Such volume forced the experts to think about the existence of quarries not too far away. They were about 2.5 kilometers away, with their cut marks.

The Romans needed to excavate more than one hectare of rock to get the material. We also found the tracks of the cars that transported the eyeglass and the possible path that started towards the hill of La Muela ”, says Urbina.

The great building had four wings formed by naves 12 meters wide. In the center there was a large central courtyard When it ceased to fulfill its function, it was used as a quarry and rooms were built on its pillars.

In addition, bone needles have been unearthed to hold the hairstyle, fragments of glass pots, jars, common pots, pitchers, bottles, kitchen pots, bowls, terra sigillata platters fine table ceramics used by the Romans, and even the tacks on the sandals of the soldiers.

The walls were covered with plaster and stucco mortar with red baseboards and the floors with opus spicatum and mosaics.

Given the large extension of the site, of which a small part has been excavated, the experts want to carry out a geophysical survey which would allow them to know exactly the entire floor of the building and discover more secrets hidden among its stones.

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