Shut down your graphic design team and hire a clipping path company

by Wills Joe
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If you need to get things done, either you do it yourself or hire someone to do it. Traditionally, companies hire employees to perform some specific tasks. They hire developers to develop apps and programs. Human resource staffs are hired to mage employees in a company and pay them benefits. They also look after employment laws and sick benefits among other job-related functions. Graphic designers are hired to get the image related jobs performed. Some companies need so much graphic works done that they end up hiring the whole team of graphic designers. However, there is no need to hire so many employees anymore. You can forget about having a graphic design team and simply outsource the entire department to a clipping path company.

Inhouse vs. Outsource

There are pros and cons of both doing inhouse work and outsourcing your clipping path job. Having your own team of employees will give you peace of mind knowing that your job will get performed in a certain amount of time. You can have more control of the process. However, having more control of employees and telling them to do things come at an expense.

If you are an American company for example, you have to pay at least good sixty thousand to ninety thousand to a skilled graphic designer each year. An employee having a graphic design college degree and having two to three years of experience will cost you even more. So, while you have control of your own employee, it’s costing you an arm and a leg to hire just a single employee to do your clipping path related work. Then the employee will call in sick some days, there are long term disabilities, office space, computer workstations, you just name it. Cost of hiring an employee for getting clipping path process done just keeps getting higher and higher.

Or you can simply outsource your clipping path services to a clipping path company. A clipping path company takes all hiring and payroll related worries out of equation. You simply hire a company that is specialized in offering photo editing related work and outsource your retouching work to them. With you are not in direct control of your own employees, you will actually get the job done at a faster pace and end up spending less.

More efficient than inhouse

People might think that inhouse is more efficient. But in reality, outsourcing can be more efficient in m=both cost wise along with management wise. It’s nice to see your own people working it also gives you peace of mind seeing building full of people working. There is a satisfaction of owning such a big company. But when it comes to running a business, you must run it to maximize profitability.

If hiring a clipping path company cost less than half of having your own team, then there is no valid logic to get your own image editing done inhouse. Simply partner with a clipping path service provider and outsource your work to them. It’s like work being done on auto pilot.

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