Shotcrete Shoring- Meaning and application

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Shotcrete shoring is a method of providing stability for slopes or elevated structures. Concrete (is used in a dry or wet mixture) is used in high force with the help of a nozzle on specific structures, to prevent mishaps or accidents on site. Shotcrete shoring can be used on permanent or temporary installations.

Refined concrete is released at high pressure and velocity through a gas-hose pipe on a well-prepared surface for the shotcrete shoring process. To make the structure more stable and strong than before, steel rods, steel meshes and fibers are added to the shotcrete mixture.

Here, let us see some details about shotcrete shoring and its types in the following sections.

Why people opt for shotcrete shoring?

Shotcrete shoring can provide stability to structures with minimal cost and effort. Since concrete is shot directly into the structures in a dry or wet form, you don’t have to invest any cost separately for voiding. With shotcrete shorting, one doesn’t have to drill too much vertically. Hence this process is apt for carrying out underground construction activities like tunnels, stations and more. You can use shotcrete shoring easily for existing buildings, without causing any damage to the original structure. Since it requires only limited access, you can use shotcrete shoring to provide stability to small indoor spaces as well. You can use shotcrete shoring for all types of surfaces, even the ones that are of curved or irregular shapes.

Wet and dry mix

Shotcrete shoring is applied in a dry or wet mix. In the wet-mix process, the concrete is mixed with all the other wet ingredients, including water and poured into the hose and applied through the nozzle that you want to apply. Compressed air and an accelerator add to the speedy application of the mixture.  The main advantage of the wet shotcrete mixture is that it can be used on a large surface quickly with minimal dust and effort. However, it is recommended that this type of shotcrete shoring should be done by professionals only. You can go to shoring contractors Vancouver for example.

In the dry-mix process, all the dry ingredients are kept ready, and at the time of application, water is added to the nozzle. A separate water ring is used to uniformly inject water into the dry mixture before the mixture is sprayed out of the nozzle. Since water can be added as and when the application is used, the dry-mix process is used to repair or renovate structures. However, you have to remember that a dry mix of shotcrete may not be suitable if you are looking to apply the mixture on a large surface.

Some common applications where shotcrete shoring is used

Due to the minimal framework involved with shotcrete shoring, it is used in various applications in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Some examples where shotcrete shoring is used are:

  • Vertical or horizontal surfaces lying overhead
  • Places like swimming pools, canals, tanks, tunnels and any other place which is curved, folded, or irregular
  • Slopes or elevated structures
  • Repairing or renovating old structures
  • While doing water-proofing on walls and other surfaces

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