Investing in Ghost Mannequin Photography Boosts Product Sale for Clothing Brand Owners

by Wills Joe
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The apparel industry is a competitive industry where brand owners face fierce competition. Brand owners spend millions in advertising budgets to promote their products. Not only clothing brand owners spending an insane amount of money for brand awareness, but they are also spending a handsome figure to display their apparel products as well. Aside from the traditional way of showcasing their products, a new way of showcasing is sweeping all other methods by storm. Ghost mannequin photography is the new era of showcasing clothing products.

Ghost Mannequin Photography – What is it

We all know what ghost is. Well, we might not really know but we all are familiar with the term ghost. Something no one can see. While we all see Casper, the friendly ghost. But in reality, the ghost is something that cannot be seen.

Then there is the term mannequin. Now we all know what a mannequin is. When it comes to showcasing clothing products, even a seventh-grader will know what a mannequin is and what purpose it serves.

When we join these two words together, we get a ghost mannequin. Basically, a ghost mannequin photography is a type of clothing product photography where a clothing item is pictured by placing it on a mannequin. Just by taking a picture of the clothing on a mannequin doesn’t make this a ghost mannequin photography. In fact, a very advanced level of retouching job known as ghost mannequin photo editing services is needed to make the actual ghost effect.

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services Process

Out of all types of commercial product photography, ghost mannequin photo editing services probably by far the most complex type of photo editing services a retouch studio can offer. Two separate sets of images are sent to a ghost mannequin photo editing service provider company. Photoshop experts of the design studio edited and retouch the images to form a ghost mannequin editing.

Photoshop experts isolate the apparel product from the mannequin. This is the first step of the editing process. They also cut the branding tag from the inside image. These two parts of cut pieces are then joined together in a way that they look the same image. A very detail-oriented retouching job is needed to make these two cut images form together.

Once the cut, join, and photo retouching services are done, they look like clothing products on a mannequin. However, the mannequin is not visible. Hence the term ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin photography.

Not only they are cut and joined, but the entire editing job is also done in such a way that displays the unique features of the clothing product. The shape of the product gets visible, prospective buyers of the product can visualize them in the item which makes purchasing decisions easier. In other words, ghost mannequin photo editing services are availed to boost product sales.

Why Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services is So Popular

Aside from ghost mannequin photography, another popular way of showcasing apparel products is by using fashion models. However, fashion models are very expensive. If a company has hundreds or thousands of items to sell, using models for each and every single item can get extremely time-consuming and very costly.

While major brands can afford it and are still using fashion models to showcase their products, small to medium size clothing brands cannot afford that luxury. They need to showcase their apparel items in a cost-effective way. In a way that not only showcases their clothing items but promotes the product most effectively. Ghost mannequin photography is, therefore, the best choice for these clothing brands.

There are also some private label clothing brand owners who sell products on Amazon, Etsy, or on Shopify eCommerce stores. These small business owners do not have the resource like large brands do. These small private label clothing brand owners, therefore, use ghost mannequin photography which effectively promotes their products and boosts sales.

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