11 Inspiring Facts About Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor Roosevelt is known for her long list of lifetime achievements. She was born in New York and is  celebrated as America’s First finest ladies. Various amazing facts about her are unknown to you, and Eleanor Roosevelt quotes for the tea bag. In this article, we will be discussing more about her achievements. 

  1. She gave priority to her surname.

From the very beginning of her life, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt chose her surname to introduce herself. She wasn’t too interested in her childhood pet name. According to her mother, she was \ old-fashioned and was also referred to as Granny.

  1. She got parentless at a very early age.

Anna Roosevelt, the mother of Eleanor, sadly expired away in 1892, leaving behind her alcoholic husband, separated from the family. The little eight-year girl was taken care of by her maternal granny, named Valentine Hall. All this profoundly impacted her brother, Teddy Roosevelt, leading him to take the steps of suicide by bouncing out of the window. Although the survival didn’t last long; and he died shortly after, leaving his children’s parentless.

  1. Her love for hockey was extreme.

Hockey was the sport that made Eleanor happy. She was also involved while making a hockey team in her private school field. This shows her passion for the sport and her strong desires.

  1. Her wedding day was memorable with the presence of then-president Teddy Roosevelt, who took her down the aisle

Eleanor was the niece of then-president Teddy Roosevelt, wrote a special message for her stating that he wishes she was his daughter. This was a few months after his 2nd term, where Bull Moose had being honored away Eleanor at her wedding. There was also a joke made by the then commander-in-chief, Franklin, to her spouse and cousin, saying, “there’s nothing like keeping the name in the family.”  

  1. She stood for the white house conference while organizing the press conference

In the era of the first president rule, FDR, the female journalists, was not allowed to take part in  serious media events at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Eleanor took a step forward by helping them while hosting the press conference event with a series of female journalists. This was all over the papers, which created pressure for hiring women reporters. The women reporters won the battle ultimately with the help of Eleanor in the interest of her husband.

  1. She took Amelia Earhart for a fly

We are well-versed with her courageous aviator; this inspired her to opt for her pilot license. She also created history while taking First Lady out for an airborne spin from D.C. to Baltimore in 1933. After many years, Earhart got disappeared, and with deep grief, Roosevelt told into an interview that surely her last words would be, I have no regrets.

  1. She was engaged in writing a column in  newspaper for 27 years

Between 1935 to 1962, there were 6 articles on weekly basis composed by Eleanor. She wrote about her political views and personal life and entitled it ‘My Day.’ There was a witch hunt by communist consisting of Pearl Harbor and Joseph McCarthy’s who tried prohibiting such topics. The only article missed was of a single week due to the ultimate demise of her husband.

  1. She went against Birmingham, Alabama Segregation laws during the  powerful protest

In 1938, during the Southern Conference for Human Welfare, an inaugural meeting was held at Alabama’s “Magic City.” After her arrival, Roosevelt ignored the designated whites and sat next to African American Associate. Even after being told about Birmingham’s segregationist policies, which restricts the black and white from sitting next to each other, she just told to examine the gap between the chair area. She took her chair in the center stating it no man land till the conclusion of the meeting.


The list doesn’t end here and includes more amazing facts about her. She, with her appearances, helped Roosevelt range of products by being amongst favorite spreads. She used to buy 6000 care packages for needy families. There is a massive contribution by her drafting the universal declaration of human rights with 50 states working together. Lastly, she also received bestowed degrees from the institutions like Russell Sage College, the John Marshall College of Law, and Oxford University.

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