The ULTIMATE Total Home Protection Review (2021) | Coverage, Cost, and Pros & Cons

by Massimo Barnett
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The ULTIMATE Total Home Protection Review (2021) | Coverage, Cost, and Pros & Cons

Excerpt: What does total home protection cover? Today we review Total Home Protection! A home warranty company that’s made quite the splash in their industry because of their attention to innovation and customer service.

Total Home Protection (THP) stands out amongst their competition, as a company that values excellence in all aspects of their service.

At the moment, the service provider offers two home warranty coverage plans. Both of which they back with their extensive list of pre-screened and regularly evaluated service technicians that can provide first-rate repairs and replacements for household appliances and systems. As one of their policyholders, you can stay connected with Total Home Protection 24/7 by contacting them via their toll-free number or their convenient online portal.

Currently, Total Home Protection is available in 46 states, they offer an add-on selection to their two combination plans, and the cost of their coverage is about what you might expect in terms of standard home warranty annual premiums or deductibles.

Learn more about how Total Home Protection does their business today by reading the rest of our review down below. OR, get your information directly from the source and a FREE quote, by calling Total Home Protection at 1-800-545-0402 or by filling out this online form.

So, what does total home protection cover? In this article, we’ll be covering the following subjects:


Total Home Protection, founded in 2016, and led by CEO David Seruya, is what one might call an up-and-comer in the home warranty space.

Perhaps it is because of this ‘newness’ to them that has made them such a hot topic for both consumers and competitors alike. Especially after they announced the release of their unique AI-based solution for facilitating customer claims faster and more efficiently.

But, what really differentiates Total Home Protection and the others in their industry? And, what do these statistics really mean to you as a consumer? Let’s find out.

Facts that You Should Know!

  • Excellent Customer Service! Total Home Protection’s claims department is available 24/7, every day of the year. Furthermore, with their exclusive AI-based platform, you can request a claim in minutes and track its progress from start to finish.
  • First-Rate Service, Guaranteed! Total Home Protection is quite proud of their contractor network, which comprises only the most reliable service technicians in your area. All of whom are pre-screened before entry and are regularly evaluated after the fact via customer satisfaction surveys.

100% Contract Transparency! Total Home Protection doesn’t hide behind fine print. They offer coverage for all covered items no matter its age, make, or model. And, there are no limits imposed on the number of claims you can submit annually.


Total Home Protection’s coverage plans are combination plans that offer coverage for both household systems and appliances. The Platinum Plan offers more extensive coverage, while the Gold Plan is better suited for homeowners on a budget:

Plumbing System✔️✔️
Plumbing Stoppage✔️✔️
Water Heater✔️✔️
Whirlpool Bathtub✔️✔️
Electrical System✔️✔️
Oven / Range / Stove✔️✔️
(Permanent) Sump Pump✔️✔️
Built-in Microwave✔️✔️
Garbage Disposal✔️✔️
Trash Compactor✔️✔️
Garage Door Opener✔️✔️
Ceiling and Exhaust Fans✔️✔️
Air Conditioning System (2 units) ✔️
Heating System (2 units) ✔️
Refrigerator ✔️
Clothes Washer ✔️
Clothes Dryer ✔️

In addition to the two plans shown above, they also have an add-ons selection list that you can pick and choose from to create a coverage package that best suits your home:

Pool / SpaAdditional SpaLimited Roof Leak
Central VacuumSump PumpWell Pump
Septic SystemSeptic PumpingSecond Refrigerator
Stand Alone FreezerWater SoftenerRefrigerator Ice Maker
Free Standing Ice MakerAdd’l A/C System (each)Add’l Heading System (each)
Add’l Water Heater (each)Add’l Garage Door Opener (each) 

Note: The items in the add-on’s selection listed above are all priced differently depending on the item in question. This extra cost will be added to your monthly or annual coverage fees (more on this in the “COSTs” section below:)

What IS Covered by Total Home Protection?

As mentioned previously, Total Home Protection is quite honest about their coverage. They openly share all the things that are and aren’t covered by their contract.

Of course, one of the main things of note is that no, unlike other home warranty providers, Total Home Protection does not limit the number of times you can request their service per year.

And, so long as you don’t exceed your annual coverage caps (which is applied per item rather than per coverage year), you can put in a claim for the repair of any item in your coverage plan that has broken as a result of natural wear and tear — no matter the item’s age, make, or model. Of course, if there ever comes a point where the technician deems your covered item unfixable, they will cover the cost of the replacement as admissible by the terms, conditions, and limitations on your agreed-upon service agreement.

As an extra note, your coverage with Total Home Protection begins 30 days after your enrollment and their receipt of your contract fees. And, if there ever comes a time when Total Home Protection is unable to provide service for an approved claim, they do reserve the right to reimburse you in cash.

What ISN’T Covered by Total Home Protection?

Coverage limits are a little more difficult to pin down. And, unfortunately, this is true for all home warranty companies. If only because you’ll have to consider the coverage plan that you’ve chosen, the specific terms & conditions in your contracts, the exclusions that come about because of the state you live in or the size of your home, etc.

As a quick review, however, the following items will not be covered by Total Home Protection:

  • Items that have known or unknown pre-existing conditions
  • Items that have broken down as a result of poor maintenance, or the lack thereof
  • Damages because of fires, bad weather, natural disasters, etc.
  • Damages that are caused by vandalism, pests, animals, etc.
  • Items that are only cosmetically damaged
  • Items that are still covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty
  • Damages caused by mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi, etc.

Note: Again, depending on your residence, you might find that there are more or fewer limits for your coverage. So, the best way for you to determine whether something is or isn’t covered by your coverage plan is to go over your contract OR contact a THP representative.

How to Request for Coverage?

If you are a Total Home Protection policyholder, you can request coverage by simply calling the company at 1-800-545-0402 or by filing a claim on their website. As mentioned, Total Home Protection prizes their Claims Department above all else, so they’re always available whenever you might need them.

Also, their standard processing time is around 2-4 business days. Meaning, if you submitted your request during normal working hours, Total Home Protection will contact one of their service technicians within 2-4 days of receiving your claim. This time may be extended if you call during the weekends or the holidays.

Once your claim has been submitted, you need only to wait for the technician to arrive, pay the service fee, and then allow the technician to inspect your covered item. If they approve of your claim and determine that repairs are possible then repairs will commence quickly. If they do not approve of your claim, then you, as the policyholder, can ask Total Home Protection to contact another technician for a second opinion.


Total Home Protection coverage will cost you around $500-$550 in annual premiums.

That’s around $40-45 per month, if you so choose. We’ve provided a table down below with the average costs of THP coverage for properties under 5,000 square feet.

1 YEAR$500$550
2 YEARS$850$900
3 YEARS$1,200$1,300
5 YEARS$1,850$2,000

The pricing projections above are just to provide insight as to what you might expect. Actual prices may vary based on where you live and the size of your property. For example, properties larger than 5,000 square feet will cost you an average of $300 more per year.

It should also be noted that the estimates above only account for the base coverage plans and that you can save around $150-$750 if you sign up for multiple years. Also, remember that these projections do not include the cost of any add-on coverage that you include to your base plan or any of the additional fees that come with your home warranty contract.

Note: In the end, the best way for you to determine just how much a Total Home Protection home warranty coverage will cost you is to request one of their FREE quotes.

Additional Total Home Protection Fees

Outside of the cost of purchasing one of their available coverage plans, there are additional fees that you’ll have to contend with depending on the situation:

  • Service Fee: Every time you place a claim with Total Home Protection, you will need to pay a fixed-service fee to the technician who was hired for the repairs. With THP, that’s $75 per service call visit, which is the industry standard.
  • Coverage Cap: There is a ‘coverage cap’ to all the items that you have coverage for. This is the maximum amount of coverage that your home warranty company can pay for the repair or replacement of your covered items. If you exceed this cap, then you will have to pay for the amount that THP is unable to cover.

Of course, if there ever comes a time when you request coverage for an item that is not covered or is excluded from your contract, then THP will not be responsible for its protection.


In order to wrap this all up, let’s go over the main advantages and disadvantages of choosing Total Home Protection as your home warranty provider:

✔️ First-rate customer service, available 24/7 and 365 days of the year❌ $500-550 annual premiums & $75 deductible per service call visit
✔️ Advanced Technological Processing System (not available anywhere else)❌Annual reimbursement caps limit overall coverage per year
✔️ Highly rated network of service technicians that are pre-screened and regularly evaluated❌ Founded less than 5 years ago
✔️ Excellent Add-on coverage selection 
✔️ Covers the repair and replacement of covered items of any age, make, or model that are damaged by natural wear and tear 

Total Home Protection Reviews Found Online

Michelle of Kansas City, MO Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Sept. 6, 2020

So far, Total Home Protection seems to be okay. One thing that I did have an issue with was when I submitted a claim for my central air. I wasn’t able to go onto the website, it was something weird because the website wasn’t working where I couldn’t put the request in. I had to call and it was almost impossible, to get somebody on the phone. On the phone, it was telling you to go online to put in the request. Then when I finally got somebody on the phone, I said, “Well, what is the deal why you can’t put in the request online? Like you guys are asking us to do.” But then she said something was wrong with the website and she was gonna check into it. But I really believe that’s something that they should be making sure that they operate properly daily.

The rep told me to try to go out and back in, and then it worked after that, but I don’t wanna ever go through that again where I couldn’t get anybody on the phone because of the pandemic. Then if the staff has been cut or they don’t have that many people, I can’t get anybody on the phone, and the website won’t take a request, that’s not good. As far as the guy that came out for the central air, he just put some Freon, but he stayed outside because of COVID. He got out of the car with a mask on so he was practicing precaution. I had an electrician come out. There were two of them that came out. It was for my garbage disposal. It was before a light switch. They were okay and they were friendly. They seemed professional, courteous and they did the work. Everything’s working properly.

Roscoe of Grady, AL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Sept. 11, 2020

I’m retired and I’ll be 75 years old on January 24th. I decided to get a home warranty and I had a different company once. When I had a claim for the air conditioner, somebody came out here to fix it and I paid $75 for that. But when I bought my air conditioner, they said all they were going to give me was $500 and I had to pay the rest. So why would I need them if I was going to pay a monthly bill? At the time, my best friend who is in Cleveland had Total Home Protection and that was how I came by them. Signing up with them sounded good to me and the reps seemed to be straight up with me.

Recently, I told Total Home Protection about my freezer. The lights went off then the red light stayed on for a while and it wasn’t shutting off. But the contractor never came out

because he told me that if the light had went out, there was nothing they could do and all I’d be doing was throwing away my money because I would have to pay $75 for him to come out here. So I told him it was all right, but that didn’t make sense to me. In the end, the red light went out on its own and so far, the freezer is working okay.

Across the internet you can easily find countless positive reviews for Total Home Protection


We rate Total Home Protection as one of the better home warranty companies in the industry in 2021! This is despite the company’s recent establishment, as they’ve already created quite a name for themselves by offering first-rate coverage and support.

There’s no denying that they stand out from the crowd, especially with their latest, game-changing announcements to improve their processing speeds. Not only for the sake of their customers, but in anticipation for their growth in the years to come.

If you have any further questions about Total Home Protection’s coverage, pricing plans, etc. we urge you to contact them today so that you can find out if they’re the right company for you!


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