Take control of how your public perceives you and your business by learning the ins and outs of ORM & Marketing from Jerome Knyszewski today.


Are you having trouble maintaining your online presence? Or perhaps you’re struggling to get your business to the level of growth you’re aiming for? Well, then you definitely need some expert online reputation management and business acceleration help!

And who better to administer it but Jerome Knyszewski?

Jerome Knyszewski is a business consultant, mentor, author, and professional speaker that teaches the art of Online Reputation Management (ORM) and business growth acceleration to entrepreneurs looking to create a reputation for themselves and their business that is capable of withstanding all opposition.

Jerome Knyszewski is now an official VIP Invest Courier Contributor!


With his help, Invest Courier expects to publish expert informational articles on ORM & Marketing, Business Growth Strategies, and more. Brought to you by the man himself, whose long-standing experience in these fields has resulted in the growth and flourishing of almost 5,000 independent marketing consultants and agencies. All of whom sought his expert opinion on the fine art of building, protecting, managing, and marketing one’s online reputation.

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"Success is no accident." - Pele

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Jerome is head and shoulders above the rest! I brought him in to consult on a medical company that had doctors with negative reviews. His skills and expertise far exceed your expectations! Brilliance and exceptional value!

Charlyn Fitzgerald Charlyn Fitzgerald Champion for Social Causes

“Superb marketing strategist with a hands-on approach to local businesses. I have worked with and enjoyed Jerome's approach to reputation management specifically. I also found his coaching style to be sincere, doable, and uncomplicated. There is a lot to be learned from Jerome Knyszewski's methods and I will certainly be attending more of his coaching programs in the near future.”


“Jerome Knyszewski is one of the foremost experts in the field of online reputation management. He knows how to bring your business to the next level; his advice always gives results. Recommended!”


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