Project COWIN aims to create a fundraising platform for patients and survivors of the Coronavirus pandemic

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COWIN – let’s win COVID

“You have a lot of money, but you still suffer and must not be forgotten”. It is our motto to build a blockchain platform on Binance Smart Chain where we have an equal and meaningful relationship with COVID-19 survivors and patients that will enable them to share their stories and raise funds to improve their financial well-being. A digital fundraising project in which backers receive both equity and donations in the form of COWIN.

COWIN goals

  1. Assist covid19 survivors and patients, as well as their relatives, in sharing their pandemic stories regardless of their location, origin, or socioeconomic status;
  2. Provide a convenient location for covid impacted families.
  3. Create an aggregator that enables users to view current causes in a convenient format, discuss them in one location, and communicate with campaign creators and other members of the crypto-funding community.

A bit about this new cryptocurrency aimed for COVID-19 survivors

Let’s Win (COWIN) COVID, a cryptocurrency token established one week ago to develop a fundraising platform for COVID-19 patients and survivors, is built on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and has since been dedicated to use the power of the internet and internet culture to transform the face of charitable giving.

COWIN ($COWIN) is a digital currency that is distributed to community-selected causes and used to reward users. Rewards are given fairly to community investors by collecting a transaction fee on all token transactions. Instead of charging a transaction fee, COWIN charges a total fee of 6%, of which 1% is burned and the remaining 5% is distributed to COWIN token holders.

Following the construction of the platform, members of the community will be able to organize causes, manage, administrate, and scale the project COWIN. COWIN is currently directed by Xavier, its lead developer, who is creating the team, continually expanding, and committed to further developing its operations.

What does Xavier, COWIN CEO, has to say about this project

According to the founder, Xavier, the direction of the assistance will be decided by the community based on the needs of COVID-19 sufferers and survivors. The community can vote on which charity efforts will receive donated funds. This voting mechanism allows every COWIN token owner to have a say in the charitable causes they support as well as the future direction of COWIN.

“COWIN has a strong goal of serving as a ‘gatekeeper’ for digital initiatives to scale and reach to the real world where Covid patients and survivors are in need.


The cryptocurrency space is powerful with its supporters are willing to help change the world. Charity is the base of the COWIN ecosystem furthermore we aim to future proof this by expanding our platform.”

  • Xavier, founder of Project COWIN

What do SEED and Pre-ICO mean?

ICO SEED is a token sale campaign conducted by blockchain firms prior to the pre-sale campaign. The fund-raising targets for the SEED round are frequently lower than those for the Pre-ICO, and tokens are typically offered at a lower price.

The ICO Presale, also known as the Pre-ICO, is a token sale event held by Blockchain firms prior to the actual crowd sale or ICO campaign becoming live. The token will be more expensive in this phase than in the SEED round.

Investors interested in participating in the SEED round can submit payment information using this investment form. Please see for additional information.

COWIN token will launch its SEED token crowd sale on May 21st, 2021, and investors who put money in prior to that date will get a 20% discount. the next time after the Seed Investment, the token will be listed on DxSale and PancakeSwap.

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