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by Luna Fuller
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Everything You Need To Know

Market Update

US futures are trading higher after the Dow Jones closed at an all time high.

International Markets

European and Asian markets are trading slightly higher after watching Wall Street’s rally come to an end yesterday.


Gold and silver are trading slightly higher as the dollar continues to weaken. Oil is trading lower as its rally begins to lose steam. Platinum is at a 6 year high as markets believe in an auto industry recovery.


Bitcoin is currently trading around $46,300.

Interesting News

Microsoft tried to buy Pintrest for $51 billion. Janet Yellen has continued her unfavorable opinion on bitcoin and said that the misuse of cryptocurrencies is a growing problem. Electric aircraft company Archer is going public through a SPAC at a $3.8b valuation. Archer won’t have commercial flights until 2024. Rivian the Amazon backed EV company plans to go public later this year at a $50b+ valuation.

Biggest Pre-Market Movers

Pepsi is up about 1% after beating revenue estimates by 8.8% and reporting it sees a continuation of meeting its long-term targets. Tilray is continuing surge higher and is up 10% after it was up over 50% yesterday. SNDL is up around 50% after it was up 79% yesterday.

Chart of the Day

Wix beginning of breakout

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