GME Continues to Rise | January 25

by Luna Fuller
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Good Evening!

The DJIA fell 0.12%
The S&P 500 was up 0.38%
The Nasdaq Composite added 0.69%

Tech stocks led the market, as energy slipped.

General Market Review


Many big tech companies report earnings this week. Apple is expected to have positive earnings this Wednesday as analysts raise their price target. Apple stock was up 2%. GameStop pared some gains intraday, before closing 18% higher.


Oil prices decreased today as oil demand concerns continue. Energy stocks, Devon Energy and ExxonMobil, were down 2% and 1%, respectively.


Due to heightened restrictions causing concerns of global growth and weaknesses in earnings reports, many banking stocks traded in the red. JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America fell 1%.


Investor optimism for the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan has declined as Democrats believe that it is unlikely that the bill will get 10 Republican votes. Because the bill is very large and some provisions, like the $15 minimum wage, are proving harder to garner support than others, some believe the bill may be divided into separate packages.

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