eCommerce Companies Are Finding Image Background Removal and Image Clipping Service Most Useful

by Wills Joe
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In the world of eCommerce, product photo editing and retouching is the most useful type of business process outsourcing that is most widely utilized. No one is selling a product with low quality or even half-decent product image. In order to sell a product and to stay ahead of the competition, image clipping service and image background removal service is a must. A professional retouch studio offering this service will ensure that the edited images will enhance the look as well as the unique features of the products which will in turn increase product sales.

Why Image Background Removal Used for Product Images?

Shooting product photos is no child’s game. It takes professional commercial product photographers with years of practice to shoot the right type of eCommerce photography that is intended to be used for product promotion. Even with that level of skills and expertise in product photography, post-production photo editing or image background removal is needed almost 100% of the time.

So why can’t eCommerce photographers shoot images that don’t require any editing? Isn’t this just an extra expense considering the fact that a product owner is already paying the photographer to shoot the product image?

The answer is very simple. It’s just not practical to take it for granted that product photography will come out print-ready right off the bat. Or off the camera that is. Just due to the very nature of the photography, it has an image background. No matter who shoots the image, the image will have a background. That’s just how the camera exposure works. Anything that gets exposed to the camera lens gets captured. You just cannot pick and choose. Since it is a common practice to publish eCommerce photos online or on other print media without any background, the image background, therefore, gets removed to make it suitable for publishing use.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove the Image Background?

The cost can widely vary as there is a wide range of variables involved that dictate the pricing. Primarily the cost depends on the complexity of the editing job. It also depends on how is doing the job as well as on the geographical location of the service provider. A Canadian or American service provider will not edit any product image for half a dollar or even a full dollar. They might charge as much as $20 or more to edit a single image. If a product owner has few hundred product images and few different colors per item, then it can quickly get very expensing to get the image edited to have the background removed.

The easy solution is to outsource the image background removal to an offshore company. An offshore company can do the service at a fraction of the cost. If an editing job takes $20 – $40 to get done locally, the very same job can take $1 – $3 to do if outsourced offshore. It is therefore becoming a very popular trend to outsource clipping the image and remove the background.

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