13 Product Demo Videos, for Inspiration

by Latisha Bovey
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A demonstration video can introduce a product or service to an audience of prospects. There are many types of product videos, but good ones share traits. They’re simple and concise. They tell a story that involves a problem. And they relate to viewers through emotion, honesty, and often humor.

Here is a list of compelling product demo videos. There are both live-action and animated videos.

Raspberry Pi: Introducing Pi Zero: the original $5 computer

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In this product launch video for Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton explains why he started the low-cost hobby-computer company, as he holds the computers that he spent all his money on when he was a kid. This simple single-shot video shows how effective a personal, honest story can be, especially when it relates to the origin of a company or product.

Shopify: Introducing Shopify Mobile

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This video on Shopify’s mobile app shows three of its uses: manage your online store, sell anywhere, and manage your retail store. Three separate merchants are used: online-only, one-on-one in-person, and retail. In three separate stories, we see how versatile the Shopify mobile app is. There’s no audio other than the music score. It’s a good example of the power of a story to convey ideas.

Vat19: World’s Largest Gummy Worm

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Vat19 is the online shop for “curiously awesome gifts.” It’s also one of the best places to find entertaining product videos. Vat19 has produced hundreds of videos, nearly all of which have view counts in the millions. This product video is for a 2.5-foot, 3-pound, giant gummy worm. The wacky video lists the product’s remarkable features and instructs what the worm is (and is not) to be used for — mainly to be devoured by you. If your product is absurd, your product video should be as well.

DollarShaveClub.com: Our Blades Are F***ing Great

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Mike, the founder of DollarShaveClub.com, explains the service in a single line, “For a dollar a month, we send high-quality razors right to your door.” But he doesn’t stop there. For the next minute and a half, he explains all the colorful ways “our blades are f***ing great.” It’s important to be concise with online product videos, but it’s even more important to be entertaining, as evidenced by the video’s 27 million views.

Headspace: Say Hello to Headspace

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This entertaining animated video explains the benefits of meditation and Headspace’s guided version, no matter who you are. A variety of cute, colorful characters uses Headspace’s meditations for various purposes, with an assortment of settings. Not only is it fun to watch, but it reveals the diversity of the users.

Dissolve: This Is a Generic Brand Video

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Winner of a Shorty Award for “Best in B2B,” this irreverent video, written by Kendra Eash of McSweeney’s, is a spoof on the brand video, made entirely with stock footage from Dissolve. While the funny and shareable piece of satirical content shows how silly and hollow brand content can be, the video also shows how terrific the stock footage is at Dissolve.

Stitch Fix: Meet Stitch Fix: Your Personal Stylist

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This short video from Stitch Fix, the online apparel company, explains its web-based personal styling service. In just 30 seconds, it covers the simplicity of the service and outlines its benefits, as the video’s subject experiences the Stitch Fix process in just a few easy steps, from setup to return what you don’t want.

Salesforce: What is CPQ?

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Here is a straightforward product video with Kylie Fuentes, head of the product team for Salesforce CPQ (configure, price, quote). In presenting the product, she answers two questions: “What is CPQ?” and “Why would I need it?” She cites the benefits of CPQ and provides three reasons why it is important. Finally, she provides additional links for viewers to learn more. This video is a good example of defining a product, even an abstract item like software, and clearly list the benefits.

Solo Stove Bonfire: The World’s Most Unique Fire Pit

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This video for Solo Stove Bonfire shows the development of the unique firepit and highlights its sleek, efficient design and quality. The video features a devoted community of Solo Stove users while also appealing to the benefits of gathering around a campfire.

Crazy Egg: Animated Explainer Video

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The start of this product video defines Crazy Egg, “The heat map tool that shows why your visitors aren’t converting.” It also identifies the problem most small businesses face: how to convert website visitors. Most importantly, the video displays Crazy Egg’s suite of useful tools in action, showing viewers exactly how Crazy Egg can fix their problem, quickly and easily.

Western Union: U.S. Mobile Bill Payments

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This animated video from Western Union presents mobile payment options for businesses to provide to customers. Each option is described, as animated characters make payments in different scenarios. What is exceptional about this video is its consistent brand design and color. The animation is filled with Western Union’s iconic yellow and black accents. While all the other information is delivered, the color never lets you forget this is Western Union.

Duolingo: The Best Way to Learn a Language

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Duolingo’s product video starts with endorsements by The Wall Street Journal and PC Magazine. In addition to describing how Duolingo works, the video also provides third-party data on how effective Duolingo really is. It’s a reminder that expert endorsements are extremely persuasive.

IKEA: Say Hej to IKEA Place

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This product video opens honestly, “IKEA would like everyone to know about Place, our new augmented reality app.” Then it shows how the app works, along with the problems it solves.

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