Young Entrepreneur Jake Geruson Is Transforming Digital Marketing

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Earning through social media was once a far-fetched idea.

Who knew someone could connect with the world just by a social platform?

Well, all thanks to globalization that knitted the world together by platforms we today call “social media.”

As much as we credit social media for its mass influence, we often overlook the contribution of those social media entrepreneurs who are shifting the waves by taking bold steps for themselves and for others.

Among them, Jake Geruson is a rising star who believes in the power of social media. He decided to change the faith of other scaleable and small businesses struggling to mark their territory.

Jake has started his own company, Geruson Media, to help new and mid-sized businesses with their digital marketing.

He believes in the endless opportunities that social media offer; however, he is well aware of the challenges too.

Sometimes, it’s a hassle to stand out when hundreds of businesses are trying to build their audience simultaneously. Therefore, a new business benefits from an expert to navigate them in the right direction, drawing the audience’s attention.

Geruson Media is a digital marketing agency that gives the vision to the brands seemingly looking to mark their social media presence. It is adamant about assisting businesses in their journey and providing them with valuable suggestions. It contributes to the business’s growth by gaining the right audience, understanding the analytics, and designing a powerful strategy that will speak for itself.

Jake Geruson believes that strategy and tactics are the two major factors that drive the audience toward the brand; however, he emphasizes that it is important for the brand to know the difference between them.

If you want market growth, then be clear about it, or if you want to earn revenue quickly, then be sure about that as well. However, having superficial expectations such as gaining millions of followers in a few months is not a good idea.
To address this challenge, Geruson Media recommends a balance in the content that aligns with the brand’s vision, which helps the audience stay connected and associated with it. Second, experimenting with content is absolutely crucial. Take calculated risks, be spontaneous, and try to engage with the audience in more than one way.

Also, remember someone will only follow up with your brand if you have managed to hook their attention. Last, consistency is the key. In these crowded platforms, when you are out of sight, you are out of mind as well. Therefore, if you want to have a connected fan base, then be consistent with your posts and your engagement. Someone following you would not expect you to post once a month and then act as if nothing has happened.

About the Company

Jake Geruson is a TikTok sensation that established the company when he gathered an audience of one million followers on his personal accounts. In 2019, he jumped onto the mission of social media marketing because he was determined to assist other brands in their social media journey as well.

With his bank of knowledge, he helps emerging businesses with their social media marketing, and we must say his company’s strategies are worth every penny.

For his commendable work, Jake Geruson has been featured in publications such as Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Medium, and Influensive.

Jake’s journey in one word: fantastic!

He did not just gain a mass audience for himself but, rather, he wants other brands to achieve equal success. In this journey into social media, brands that are struggling to mark their presence can learn a fair amount from up-and-coming entrepreneurs like Jake Geruson.

To learn more about Jake Geruson visit his website, and follow his Instagram @JakeGeruson.

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